I have drawn caricatures and portraits previous to my academic studies. In the University of Applied Sciences of Coburg I then had the possibilities to improve and exchange experiences.


Currently I am coaching the Sketch Club Coburg and that way I am able to communicate my knowledge to following students.


- Würgel -

Spending time to get a feeling for shapes is one of the elementary parts in my education. This fundamental knowledge is still inspiring me during actual projects. It is impressing how sometimes parts of spherical sculptures can be simple but also special at the same time. 


learning FDM

The first time I was able to work with 3D-printers was an fascinating experience for me. As soon as I got used to that topic I tried to explore the limits of additive manufacturing. There were many questions to answer like waterproofness, mechanical movement or how to reach the maximum of print speed without loosing quality.


Finally I found two simple solutions to make baby buggy tires  produce soap bubbles. Sometimes less is really more. 

screwdriver racing


2013 I was driven by the ambition to set up a team to take part at this wonderful project. 


As a project leader my task was to put together all the individual ideas into one collective vision and to monitore the final realization.


Foldable boat - plica -

unconventional serial production

My intention to build a product with veneer took me to my own past.

Birch and fishing are among the things that remind me most of my childhood in Russia. I decided to transfer my childhood memories into a product wich is able to meet nowadays fast pace environment. I used the wood of birches and combined it with recycled truck tarpaulin to build a very-quick-to-fold boat. 


bread slicer


My industrial design studies also gave me a deep understanding of engineering products.

In this short term redesign project various aspects from marketing, engineering and design had to be taken in account.

The result  was a redesign bread slicer, featuring a modular thumb safety system, a crumb container and a stronger adjustment mechanism. Even the centre of gravity was improved.

Gaming mouse

Grasshopper 3D + T-Splines

In this project I felt completely free in playing with concepts, forms, ergonomics and avant-garde design. 


design studies stands out by its scalable weight & size, reload button and programmable G-Joystick. A grasshopper based construction provides an optimum usability by individually model surfaces.

football shoes 3D Print

Grasshopper 3D + Blender

I have the vision that there are possibilities to design in an absolutely new way by focusing on structures, flexible materials or automation. Especially AM is a big chance for many products to get improved.


This football shoe is an example how Grasshopper 3D, 3D printing and the digitalization will influence tomorrows design and manufacturing.


feel free to contact me to see more!






Paul Streicher

* 1.10.88 Zelinograd (Kazakhstan/USSR)

since 1997 in Germany


Master Design, Coburg 10/2017-x

Internship at Siemens Maker Space Erlangen 10/2017-02/2018

B.A. Integrated Productdesign, parametric structures with Grasshopper 3D, Coburg 2012 - 2017

Working student at Siemens Maker Space Erlangen 10/2016-10/2017

Internship, Functionality Designer at MMID GmbH Essen 2014


A level, Theresianum Bamberg 2012

Computer Scientist Assistent, vocational school Lichtenfels 2007






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